Blood Rites

Blood Rites is a 3D fantasy MMORPG created by Kongzhong Corporation. Blood Rites brings you a unique world of elf.

Publisher: Kongzhong Corporation

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website:

Blood Rites 3D Fantasy MMORPG

Blood Rites is a 3D fantasy MMORPG created by elite developing staff from different countries. Using advanced 3D engine tech, this creation of Kongzhong Corporation designed to fit the taste of global users. Blood Rites brings you a unique world of elf. In this fancy world, you will join into an endless war which involved god, demon, elf and human. After getting deeper into the war, you may be able to uncover the true plan of the god.


Blood Rites features:

Elegant Graphic Performance
By using the innovative 3D video technology, Blood Rites build up a dynamic Scene where weather, landscape, plants or even the moves of NPC are closed to the real world.
Smoothly Battle Action
The moving battle system brought by Blood Rites breaks the old ‘standing’ battle style. Player can make its own battle style according to their occupation. No matter rushing forward to strike or moving to doge, all by player’s personal will.
Strike Enhancement
Blood Rites was developed under new physics engine which greatly enhanced the casting and reacting movement. On both PVE & PVP aspect, Blood Rites prove you a delightful battle experience.
Elf System  
Elf: the unique race only existed in Blood Rites. By signing up contract with them, you will receive unlimited power. It’s said a war ends when the pact with elf is made on one side. More than that, you will be able to witness the growth of elf, from a naughty larva to an attractive beauty.


Blood RitesBlood RitesBlood RitesBlood RitesBlood Rites
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