Celtic Heroes

Celtic Heroes is a ground-breaking free-to-play 3D MMORPG available on Android and iOS devices that brilliantly rivals browser and desktop MMOs, developed by One Thumb Mobile Ltd.

Publisher: One Thumb Mobile

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Celtic Heroes

Are you a Hero? Dal Riata needs you!

Join your friends now and embark on an epic journey battling legendary monsters, ruthless invaders and powerful ancient gods throughout the lands to become a true Celtic Hero.

With extraordinary AAA mobile graphics and hundreds of thousands of players world-wide, choose from 5 unique classes and forge your path by customising your armour, venturing on legendary quests, chatting and trading with others for valuable items, and mastering your skills to match your own play-style.

Join a Clan with other Heroes and rise up to defend your honour against the ferocious and mythical enemies that now threaten your ancient homeland of Dal Riata.

Playable over Wi-Fi and mobile internet connections, Celtic Heroes gives you the chance to discover and explore an expansive, detailed and vibrant open-world set in the heart of Celtic mythology.

Experience a fully-fledged handheld MMORPG unlike any other


·         Free-to-play 3D Mobile MMORPG on Android and iOS

·         Join thousands of Heroes online, anytime, anywhere!

·         Explore a fully 3D persistent open mobile world

·         5 Customisable Classes with unique skils and abilities

·         Customise your Hero! Forge your path, master your skills and battle thousands of monsters!

·         Form great Clans with friends, chat and trade for rare items

·         Battle with friends against legendary monsters in real-time

·         Breathtaking graphics

·         Play for FREE



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Celtic Heroes TavernCeltic Heroes Player vs Player ArenaCeltic Heroes Team Up and Slay Monsters!Celtic Heroes
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