Kuso Party

Kuso Party is a free to play MMO casual game published by Wicked Interactive Ltd.

Publisher: Wicked Interactive Ltd.

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.wickedinteractiveltd.com

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Kuso Party 2D Casual MMO Game

Kuso Party is a free to play MMO casual game. It is a game that is truly for all ages, young to old. There are plenty of easy to play mini games with a wacky twist. There are over 50 games that are available. More games will be added to the list. Most games are based on basic memory and process skills. The controls are easy to learn without complicated combinations just arrow keys and movement of the mouse. Kuso Party features an in-game family system which allows you to design and manage a house with you and your friends. You can also compete against your friends in individual battles or compete with them in family battles.

The story in Kuso Party is meant to be wacky and cute. Every member can create their own unique character and can completely customize the character the way they want. Every character starts off with same abilities. Players are able to chat with each other through game rooms, chat rooms, during games, in the main game lobby, in-game Email and through a private messaging system. Kuso Party uses anime style artwork which complements its cute and hilarious feeling. Kuso Party is a fun and easy MMO game that everyone of all ages can enjoy.

Kuso PartyKuso PartyKuso PartyKuso PartyKuso Party
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