Magic World Online

Magic World Online is a free to play MMORPG game published by Ingle Games.

Publisher: Ingle Games

Platform: PC Windows

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Magic World Online MMORPG Game Review

When you’re in search of an exceptional fantasy game with many excellent features, Magic World Online (MWO) MMORPG just might be what you’re searching for. There are many features that set this 2D fantasy game apart from the others within the same genre. For example, gold sellers have been completely eliminated in this game.

Two other features that have been eliminated are grinding and botting. This MMORPG has a built in botting program that is referred to as the “robot system”. You can use the interface of the game to program it to level up, use potions, pick up loot and so much more. The quests that your character will be running vary in degree and they’re easy to keep track of. They help the game progress and this is where you get upgrades.
Once you’re logged in, you’ll need to choose one of the four starting classes and you can choose your gender when making your selection. The four classes are Warrior, Mage, Summoner and Archer. You can learn all of the skills that are available for your class but it’s recommended that you choose one skill to master and then you can move on to another one.
There are twelve different job advancements and you can take advantage of them when you reach levels 15, 30, 50 and level 65. When you reach level 20 you can give your weapon an upgrade and it will grow with you from this point on as you level up. This is truly a unique feature that adds interest to the game.
You also have the option of using pets in this MMORPG and there are two kinds to choose from. One type of pet is considered a riding pet or mount and these give you special bonus stats. The second kind is the battle pets that stand by your side and fight with you. The housing system allows you to create and decorate your home. If you don’t have time to keep it maintained yourself, you can even hire a maid to do it for you.   
The storyline revolves around a huge war between Gods and Devils with the humans fighting on the side of the Gods. There is also another war going on between the Empire and the Dynasty. During this fight, Dynasty found a rare gold mine and a member of the Empire found a sword.
When he used it, he accidently opened the world up to be attacked by the devils that were previously dormant making it necessary for both civilizations to fight the devils. From the strong storyline to the unique features, Magic World Online (MWO) MMORPG is truly an exceptional game that anyone can appreciate. 
Magic World OnlineMagic World OnlineMagic World OnlineMagic World OnlineMagic World Online
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