Puzzle Monster Quest


Swipe, match, and unleash powerful attacks! Become addicted as you guide your hero though treacherous dungeons, be wary of enemy monsters whom you can catch and add your team’s party!


-Match tiles of the same color to create paths to navigate your hero!


-Match tiles leading to an enemy monster to release an attack!

-The greater the amount of tiles matched, the greater the attack strength!

-Link 15 or more tiles to launch a Bravery Chain!


-Forge weapons and armor by visiting your local blacksmith!

-Craft rare materials to create mythical equipment!


-Over 1000+ monsters to attack, raise, and call your friend!

-Evolve and strengthen your monsters through each journey and victory, create the ultimate party!


-Interact and form alliances with fellow dungeon explorers!

Publisher: Kick9

Official Website: http://goo.gl/jkgbdR

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Puzzle Monster Quest

Puzzle Monster Quest is fun morph of a puzzle and action/role playing game. You match color patterns to attack monsters, much like swiping a security pattern on your phone. The patterns get progressively more difficult to swipe based on the level of the Monster you are battleing. We liked the huge variety (something like 1000) monsters to battle. It definitely keeps things interesting; borderline addictive.

The multi-player mode in Puzzle Monster Quest is also a lot of fun. It adds a new perspective and the competive factor as well. Multi-player mode was very easy to use.....we would give the controls a 7 out of 10.

Puzzle Monster Quest also allows you to craft your own weapons. Admittedly we found this a bit hard to understand at first but once you figure it out it's a fun feature. We built a super sword that made the game a whole lot more interesting.

Overall we give Puzzle Monster Quest 8 out of 10 stars. A super fun game, takes a little time to get used to but once you do you'll find yourself playing it probably more than you should. You can play Puzzle Monster Quest here.

Play Puzzle Monster Quest Now!Puzzle Monster QuestPuzzle Monster QuestPuzzle Monster QuestPuzzle Monster Quest
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