The Big Benefits of Playing MMORPGs

June 28, 2016 - 8:01pm

Who would have thought that playing MMOs, specifically MMORPGs would have a lot of benefits other than having fun? These benefits range from being considered better at your job, to having increased leadership abilities, self-confidence, and being better at setting and achieving your goals.

But MMORPGs are not the only online games that have big benefits. You should try free games at Royal Vegas casino, because various online casino games also have amazing benefits. Think of a game like blackjack; you really need to have good logical and mathematical thinking for this. A few rounds of blackjack every day and your mind will be as sharp as a needle! Other games like poker require strategy and foresight. Playing over time can help you develop and strengthen these skills.

In the past many people had the misconception that those who spend time playing MMORPGs are asocial people who are wasting their time on an activity with no tangible benefits. However, people are fast discovering that there are a range of benefits that people who play these games reap in terms of their character and behavior.

MMORPGs help you improve your interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills. In games like World of Warcraft you may work in a guild. Having to cooperate when you go on team raids helps you engage and communicate with people in an effective way. Moreover, if you are the leader of your guild, these online leadership skills are greatly transferrable into your real life, be it in your professional or personal life.

A study that emerged from the University of Crete helped us understand these benefits more clearly. They found that employees who said that they play MMORPGs are able to use skills they learnt in their games in the workplace. Through active learning, employees were able to use their acquired leadership abilities in the workplace, even though these skills were developed and honed online. Due to the fact that MMORPGs are largely focused on achieving certain tasks, those who played displayed the same focus and nature of being task oriented in the workplace. Working in a guild entails working with a variety of people to achieve a common goal. These experiences help employees in being more agreeable and working well in a team at work. These spillover effects from the behaviors displayed while playing MMORPGs into the workplace were very prominent in cases where the employee was incredibly successful within their MMORPG of choice.

Most MMORPGs have a lot of pre-set goals, but also allow for players to set their own goals in order to unlock more game content. In these situations, there are usually many different ways to accomplish the same task which allows the player to experiment with their personal game play style. This is useful because it allows the players to learn more about their own style of getting tasks done. Self-awareness in the workplace is a good quality for an employee to have as they know both their strengths and their weaknesses, and as a leader they will be able to delegate effectively based on this knowledge.

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