Inflatable-Zone Brings Games to Life

September 21, 2016 - 2:51pm

Inflatable-Zone creates offline games that we just had to mention as we just had an opportunity to try them out. Their games are fun, cool and are nice when you are looking for a break from MMO. Inflatable-Zone makes bubble soccer and zorb balls, bouncy castles, tents and the like as well as fun water items like water pillows, water rollers and even water trampolines.

We tried out the bubble soccer which consists of large inflatable balls that you actually get into and roll around like a giant hampster ball. From there you can play soccer against each other (you can use an empty ball as the kick ball). We ended up having more fun just kind of running into each other and pushing each other around than an actual competative game. It turned out to be a very good workout!

So the next time you are looking for something non-MMO to do, give this a try. Heck, you could make it MM:) Inflatable-Zone's products are of high quality and are affordable as far as bubble soccer for sale goes. They are under $200 and ship quickly. If you end up getting a game together please invite us!

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