Mobile Gaming Market Share vs Other Forms of Gaming

June 1, 2016 - 2:16pm

Modern video games are now considered mainstream. No longer are gamers perceived as fat, bearded no-lifers who dwell in a basement. The desertification happened due to many factors, mobile being the most prevalent. While most hard-core PC and console gamers look with scrutiny to mobile players, naming them "casuals" and not true gamers, they are growing in power and numbers by the year. 

The trend of mobile gaming is on the rise constantly and we can judge it is nowhere near its pitch by Nintendo's own admission about plans for porting their library of games on smartphone and tablet devices. Speaking of which, this review of All Slots Casino can net you all sorts of relevant information when it comes to casino mobile gaming.

With VR gaining strong ground and Microsoft and Sony claiming to update their current console line up, let's look at the current state of each of the major gaming components.

Even after a decade after the dreaded "PC is dead" mantra was uttered, PC gaming has never been as strong as now. The "PCMasterRace" community is growing strong and there are more and more enthusiasts who play PC games than all console gamers combined. Steam has grown over 70 million active accounts and there are more exclusives than any other platform, ever. With Origin also keeping the pace with new games and excellent bonuses and indie games being more and more integrated into the online buyers craze, PC gaming thrives like never before. YouTubers are also helping it a ton thanks to some amazing work being done to advertise and showcase the games through Let's Play and other types of PC gaming related media.

VR is also becoming a thing most PC users are thinking of trying out though the expense of the technology and the power required is something to think about.

Nintendo is already working on its next-gen console called the NX and there are rumors abound for an updated hardware specs, some really crazy new controller and of course - a games lineup to make your head spin. Microsoft and Sony already confirmed they are working on updated versions for their Xbox One / PlayStation 4 with better graphics, processing power and faster hard drives. On the games front Sony killed it with Uncharted 4 who is now the highest rated game on Metacritic of all time. Microsoft on the other hand killed off its Lionhead Studios team, terminating the Fable franchise as well.

Oculus Rift's price has been released and it is not welcoming... at all. The Vive by HTC has also been released with a beefy price. Samsung GR VR is affordable yet lacks the punch in terms of specs and HD imagery. There's also the imposed lock out for games aimed at the Oculus though certain hackers are already making the games available to all. Things are starting to heat up yet we will have to wait and see (at least for a year) how this whole VR thing is going to end up.

Last but not least, gaming on mobile devices is ridiculously big. Not only has the quality of games improved thanks to new game engines and native support by developers, but we get to play some amazing and platform unique games. With free access to multiplayer and ton of great games, we bet this part of the industry is going to continue to climb up the food chain in gaming's term

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